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To join the agent, product after-sales service policies of our company are as follows:
    1. The agents are obliged to undertake the installation and after-sales maintenance service of GEM photoelectric products in the authorized sales area. The agents shall have at least one person who has been trained by GEM photoelectric to provide professional service for customers.
    2. From the date of sale, for the products sold, the regional agents must provide the end users with after-sales service in accordance with the "GEM  photoelectric After-Sales Service Policy". All agents have the responsibility to provide the regional users with after-sales service.
    3. In the sales process, the agents should speak with one voice with GEM photoelectric, not to make any promise which is contrary to the GEM photoelectric brand to the users. Otherwise, it will be taken as a breach of the contract. GEM photoelectric has the right to request damages according to the actual situation.
4. The agents should set related personnel to provide the users with necessary pre-sales and after-sales service: pre-sales consultation service, the establishment of service hotline and  telephone consultation service.
5. To provide the necessary pre-sales and after-sales service, the agents should meet the following requirements:
    1) In the process of consultation, the agents should patiently answer the users' questions, and not make any false statements and commitments. Otherwise, any liability arising therefrom shall be borne by the agents themselves.
2) If the users make the home delivery service, after receiving the request, the agents should complete the delivery within 12 hours. Any loss caused by delayed delivery or underserved service shall be compensated by the agents themselves. 
6. After receiving the goods, if there are quality problems found by the agents in two working days, the goods can be returned to the company's warehouse at supply price and the freight is borne by the company. When the next delivery comes, the company will make up the corresponding goods for the agents. All products are considered qualified over two working days.
    7. If the products have no quality problems, or belong to the promoted offers, the company discounted products or the goods that the agents enjoy the company's promotion policy, the agents are not allowed to refund or exchange the goods in principle.
    8. The agents should always pay a return visit to customers and timely give the customers' feedback to the company, in order to better understand the customers' needs. 
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