Company benefits
1,Work week, 7.5 hours per day

2, Enjoy legal holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave and paid annual leave.

3,The purchase of five social insurance and one housing fund (the basic

old-age insurance, comprehensive medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance,

Industrial injury insurance and housing provident fund)

4, Provide the ability oriented in the same industry competitive salary
5,To provide more training and promotion opportunities
6, Monthly employee activities and a variety of recreational activities
7,The annual organization of free physical examination

8,The official staff to enjoy the company holiday fee, blessing gold (marriage, birth), the start of Lee

Two Electronics Engineers

Position Responsibilities:
1. Able to use PADS software design skillfully; Have a certain theoretical basis of circuit; Proficient in welding technology of electronic parts, familiar with production process and requirements.
2. Be responsible for making PCB layout and BOM of LED display screen
3. Develop electronic process documents and verification process of electronic materials for LED display screen,  organize and supervise its implementation.
4. Proficiency in various display software.
5. Responsible for prototype production, commissioning, design verification and productivity evaluation of the developed products.
6. Selection and confirmation of electronic materials.
7. Assist in solving problems related to inspection standards and testing schemes of electronic products in production.
8. Complete other work items assigned by supervisors.
9. Complete other work as assigned by supervisor.

Position Requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in electronics.
2. Have more than three years'experience in developing LED color display screen, and can independently draw PCB version of four to six-layer full-color LED display screen.
3. Familiar with specifications and applications of various electronic components, good at circuit design and power failure analysis and treatment.
4. Familiar with LED display screen, advertising machine and other related products.
5. Proficiency in   Electronic Circuit Design Software  etc.

Recruitment Object: Full-time
Monthly Salary: Negotiable
Recruitment Type: Social Recruitment
Work Location: Shenzhen

Interested parties please call:0755-29235798

Two Structural Engineers

Position Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the new product structure design and conventional product structure improvement of the display screen
2. Responsible for the formulation of material technical standards and test standards
3. Responsible for the structure review of the new products
4. Responsible for drawing product structure charts and assembly diagrams
5. Responsible for making the technical standards of product structure

1. More than three years of working experience in product design, team management and project management
2. Rich experience of team formation and expansion; and familiar with the departmental specifications, and the establishment and improvement of departmental processes
3. Good at project planning, budget control, resource planning, quality control and schedule management, and familiar with the new product development process, product change process and the supplier evaluation
4. Familiar with the metal plate, plastic and casting mold, and rich experience of plastic, hardware and casting product design
5. Familiar with the LED screen, the specification of advertising LCD displayer, structure, heat dissipation, photology and electron; and familiar with product test and certification process
6. Familiar with various standards of the LED screen and advertising LCD displayer
7. Skillfully master  structure design software and office software
8. College degree and above, majored in machine design manufacture and automation

Recruitment Object: Full-time
Monthly Salary: Negotiable
Recruitment Type: Social Recruitment
Work Location: Shenzhen

Interested parties please call: 0755-29235798